Magnetic Drum Separator

Magnetic Drum Separator Manufacturers

Magnetic Drum Separator, indeed, has wide application area and, it can be used for separating tramp iron from bulk material of all kinds, be it fine powders, granulates, fibres, etc. If you want to buy it and have any specific demand, speak with our executives at Jupiter Magnetics Private Limited. We as one of the foremost Magnetic Drum Separator Manufacturers in Delhi have the industry’s best solution to offer at the competitive market price.

This Magnetic Drum Separator is widely used in all the processing industries for separating contaminants from mineral, chemicals, flours, sugar, plastics, or other types of conveyor transported products. Their designs have a steel support bearing, which ensures their durability. Additionally, due to their easy to fit and operate design, it occupies less of your space and time. You can even ask for customizations, we are capable of doing to the extent, which is possible from our ends.

We are counted among the top-tier Permanent Magnetic Drum Type Separator Suppliers and Exporters from India, thus, the quality, you’ll receive from our end is, lab-tested and approved. Give us a call, to discuss more of your requirements with our executives.

Specific Features To Know Magnetic Drum Separator Better:

  • Strong and rugged construction
  • Flexible design to use in different applications
  • Ensure automatic separation of iron impurities
  • Available in standards sizes and designs to meet your requirements
  • Available in completely enclosed design, which prevent dusting and pollution
  • The larger the width and diameters of the drum, the more volume, it can handle easily

Different Models Of Magnetic Drums You Can Avail From Us Are:

  • Permanent Magnetic Drums
  • High Intensity Rare Earth Magnetic Drums
  • Totally Enclosed Magnetic Drums


It is used to remove ferrous contaminants from the following:

  • Foodstuffs
  • Glass Cullet
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Incinerator Bottom Ash
  • Powder Or Granular Materials