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Welcome to Jupiter Magnetics

Established in 1969, we, Jupiter Magnetics are among the prominent manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of industrial magnetic separators and equipment. We are highly regarded for offering products that have proved to be unsurpassable in terms of quality and functionality. We have garnered the admiration of our peers and customers alike and are hailed as one of the industry leaders. Our comprehensive product range is inclusive of Overband Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Pulleys, Magnetic Drum Separators and Magnetic Grids.

Our Vision

The vision of the company is to provide the clients with high quality products and satisfying the needs of the customers to the fullest. Besides, we also aim to make a mark as the leading company with magnets technology.

Our Products

  • Overband Magnetic Separators

    Conveyors, coal handling plants, thermal power station, cement and sugar industry, fertilizers, chemical, plastic, recycling industry. Avail from us Cross Belt Magnetic Separator, also known as Overband Magnetic Separators, range that is made from the finest materials. Crossbelt Magnetic Separators or Overband Magnetic Separators are utilized for removing various ferrous contaminants. Cross Belt Magnetic Separators provide protection through self-cleaning protection from the conveyed material.

  • Suspension Magnets

    Jupiter’s Permanent Suspension Magnets for removal of occasional tramp iron from conveyors and for use in universal recycling, quarrying and processing applications where machinery needs to protected and product cleaned. The Suspended Magnets that we deal in are fabricated using the latest techniques in compliance with the industry set norms.

  • Permanent Magnetic Separators

    We are counted amid the reputed Permanent Magnetic Separators and Concentrator Magnetic Separator Suppliers. Permanent Magnetic Concentrator Separator is widely used for upgrading or concentrating material containing a very high percentage of magnetic or where magnetic/mechanical agitation is required for the separation of many difficult materials.

  • Plate Magnets

    Food, grain, chemical, plastic, mineral, textiles, tea, tobacco. We are counted amid the most sought-after Magnetic Plate Separator Suppliers. The Plate Magnets that we deal in are high in demand across the leading markets. Plate magnets are important industrial separators that are meant for the separation of fine ferrous materials

  • Hump Magnets

    Hump Magnets are in-line magnet for extracting ferrous metals. The dust-proof steel Hump Magnets contain two powerful magnetic plates positioned at right angles to each other. Materials passing through the conveyor system are evenly distributed through the hump and across the magnets with little turbulence and no blockage. Any unwanted ferrous metals within these materials will be held on plate magnets.

  • Magnetic Drum Separators

    Magnetic drum separators provide an efficient means for extracting ferrous material from dry, bulk products in free-flowing processing systems. They are comprised of a stationary permanent magnet, either standard Ferrite Magnets or High Power Rare Earth Magnets enclosed in a non-magnetic stainless-steel drum. Product flow is diverted so that it falls onto the top and flows across the surface of the drum.

  • Magnetic Pulleys

    Slag, Minerals, Wood Chips, Glass, Sand, Shredder Residues, Municipal Waste. Magnetic Pulleys are positioned at the "head" of belt conveyors to extract metal contamination from the product on the belt. As the Magnetic Pulley rotates, it holds the tramp metal while clean product is discharged.. Finally as the belt leaves the magnetic pulley, the magnetism dissipates and the unwanted contamination falls from under the belt into a separate receptacle.

  • Magnetic Grids & Tubes

    Magnetic Grids are engineered for easy installation in steep-sloped hoppers, odd and irregular shaped hoppers, floor openings, vertical closed chutes, ducts, etc. Magnetic Grids can be used to remove ferrous fines as well as tramp iron from dry particulates, liquids and slurries. Additionally, buyers can purchase an assorted range of Magnetic Barrel Grids from us. Also, we are one of the reliable Hoppa Grids Suppliers.

  • Magnetic Ferrous Traps

    Magnetic Ferrous Traps are suitable for liquid filtration and separation in pipe line. The Magnetic Tubes within the Magnetic Ferrous Traps catch the tramp Iron/fine iron contamination in a product and it flows through the processing line thereby protecting product purity and preventing abrasive wear, prevents pumps from jamming, reduced damage and maintenance to mixers, refiners, filters, pumps etc. end assures a product free of iron contamination.

  • Magnetic Coolant Filters

    Magnetic Coolant Filters are used to remove ferrous particles from machine tool coolants. Dirty coolant flows past a slowly rotating magnetic drum which removes the metal particles from the coolant. The metal swarf is stripped from the drum by adjustable scrapers and forced off the end of a discharge chute. Magnetic Coolant Filters prove the best tools to remove fine ferrous chips or grindings from machine coolant systems, thereby ensuring accurate grinding, improved life of coolant and cutting tools.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in providing our customers the best in order to stay ahead of the competition. We have consistently focused upon forging and maintaining mutually beneficial, long term relationships with our customers. By offering products that provide them superior value, we have successfully carved a place for ourselves in the minds of many customers. We are determined to expand our presence across all markets and for that we plan to come up with offerings that are tailored to the requirements of the customers.


Our production and testing facility is exemplary in the industry. Being a trend-setter an innovator in magnets we have housed all the equipment required for the manufacturing of high quality magnets of a various sizes and gravity. Ranging from magnets Separators to large lifting machines our product range is very diverse. So, is our production machinery. In a capacious manufacturing setup we have installed an array of machines, that are awe-inspiring to other players.