Company Profile

Jupiter Magnetics Private Limited is a well-renowned brand that made its establishment in the year 1965 under the guidance of Late Mr. Dharam Singh and is now running successfully by Mr. Paramjit Singh. He has a huge experience in the industry, which provides us the guidance to push our limits for better results. As the foremost Magnetic Head Pulley Manufacturers, we work on the strict principles that help us focus on the quality, quantity and adding characterizations to the products.

We are the top-tier Suspended Overband Magnetic Separator Suppliers from India. We pay attention to manufacturing, testing, packing and final dispatching of the final products to the customers. Our experts will supervise each and every step and our experienced team is master of their working. We all are aware of what’s new in the market and update our technologies and product designs accordingly, so, it never disappoints the ever-changing demands of our clients.

Being the preeminent Magnetic Block Exporters, we focus on keeping our clients satisfied, so, we assure you the timely delivery of the products to your doorstep. We are best at what we are doing, so, we make sure not even a single of our client will get the chance to complain. If you have any queries, we are here for that. Give us a call and discuss with our executives.

Our Squad

We believe a company is nothing without a team; they are the true assets, who make it possible for the company mounts new heights in their domain. And we proudly say that we have highly trained and experienced people in our team to deliver customized solutions to the customers that match their needs.

Our Mission

We work on the sole motive to attain, as much as customer satisfaction possible, to ensure that our clients will get products that fulfill their applications and satisfy their needs at its best. We believe that good quality works as a magnet for the company that attracts the clients and we always keep our focus on that.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are experienced
  • We understand customer requirements better
  • We make quality our priority
  • We made customization possible
  • We have a reasonable product range