How To Maintain Lifting Magnets?


Lifting Magnets serve a great purpose in many industries like Abrasive industries, recycling industries, power plants and foundries, etc. They come with a bunch full of features but these items can also lose their productivity and perform abruptly.  If you want to buy a magnet for your industrial purposes, you should visit Jupiter Magnetics who are counted among the top-tier Scrap Lifting Magnet Manufacturers.

Coming back to the point, “Maintenance Of Lifting Magnets

Heat is a major enemy of the magnets that can ruin its performance and working life. It is one of the most common reasons that are recorded behind premature magnet heating. To beat this issue, one must wait for 5 to 10 seconds before the magnet reaches the pile during scrap handling applications. This will help in controlling the level of heat and it also helps in increasing the number of materials that the magnet picks. If you will show care to your product, it will surely pay you back my working for a long period of time and will show consistently good performance.

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