Applications of Magnetic Pulley That You Should Be Aware Of


Magnetic Pulley is the type of magnetic object that you may mostly find in the conveyor belts. It is the solution, which is successfully used for separating the ferrous metal from the product stream to keep it safe and working throughout the process. These are custom built and are easily available from Jupiter Magnetics Private Limited – one of the leading Magnetic Pulley Manufacturers in different diameter and face widths to meet the specific client requirements. These are manufactured of ferrite material, which is a rare earth material and is particularly used for the removal of finer iron particles. Here are some of its applications that you should know.

  • It removes ferrous contamination during the process of glass recycling.
  • It helps in the separation of the ferrous metal in a number of applications as per the requirements.
  • Moreover, it removes ferrous from foundry applications and has its use in wood waste processing applications.
  • It is used to remove ferrous contaminants from the powdery and granulate material.

It has many other applications and, you need to know all about it before investing in the device. To opt for the right solution, make sure you choose the quality that we, as one of the trusted Magnetic Grids Manufacturers bring to you. To place your order or to ask the further query, you can send us enquiry directly from the website or call on the number available on your screen.