2 Basic Types Of Plate Magnets


Plate magnets are designed for the purpose of using either in chutes or suspension over conveyed products. You may usually find these magnets on the bottom side of the chute, where it performs the function of protecting the product travels through a magnetic circuit. Be it Food, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic or Textiles industry, these plate magnets have their presence everywhere. Jupiter Magnetics Private Limited is counted among the reliable Plate Magnets Manufacturers that offer you this in different shapes, sizes or other customizations. Here we jotted down the detail of two common or basic types of plate magnets that we offer.

  • The Standard Plate Magnet: It is the most popular unit from the category of plate magnets. Standard Plate Magnet is produced from strontium ferrite and has a covering of stainless steel. These are useful in grabbing ferrous contaminants like fasteners, nails and nuts.
  • The Rare Earth Plate Magnet: This one is not that common as it is capable of creating high magnetic power. It is produced from neodymium press boron. This is used in capturing fine iron particles from the mixture of powders.

Both the magnets have different functions and known for their specific features and top of that, you can avail them at the affordable possible price from us. Being one of the leading Permanent Suspension Magnets Manufacturers, we, Jupiter Magnetics Private Limited have the diverse product range to meet up the requirements of our clients. In an order to reap their benefits, you can send us your enquiry; we have the team to handle your queries.