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Magnetic Ferrous Traps

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Magnetic Ferrous Traps Magnetic Ferrous Traps are suitable for liquid filtration and separation in pipe line. The Magnetic Tubes within the Magnetic Ferrous Traps catch the tramp Iron/fine iron contamination in a product and it flows through the processing line thereby protecting product purity and preventing abrasive wear, prevents pumps from jamming, reduced damage and maintenance to mixers, refiners, filters, pumps etc. end assures a product free of iron contamination.

The special design of Magnetic Ferrous Traps enables quick release of magnetic tubes for easily inspection and cleaning, Sizes for pipelines from 1/2" through 18" (13-450 mm) - ferrite and Rare -earth magnetic tubes. Miled steel and or stainless steel fabricated construction. Besides, buyers can also purchase Permanent Magnetic Traps from us. We are recognized amid the leading Permanent Magnetic Traps Suppliers. The Permanent Magnetic Traps can be acquired at market-leading prices from us.

Easily installed.
Cleaned simply and efficiently.
Manufactured in 304 or 316 stainless steel to food industry standards.
Highly effective performance due to powerful rare earth magnets.
Specially manufactured to your dimensions
Magnetic Ferrous Traps 2