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Magnetic Rolls

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Permanent Magnetic RollsAvail from us precision-engineered Permanent Magnetic Rolls. We are a trusted name as Double Roller Magnetic Separators Supplier. Permanent Magnetic Rolls are used in steel pipes galvanizing process to remove steel pipes (and other steel shapes) from vats or pots filled with molten zinc. The drag out system usually consists of two magnetic rolls, side by side on a common shaft. Two lines of product can be handled alternately and simultaneously. Rows of Permanent Magnetic Rolls are in line on a heavy frame, which slops upward and away from the galvanizing tank. One unit is located almost directly over the end of galvanizing tank and the rest on and up the incline. The Magnetic Rolls are driven so that all Magnetic Rolls have the same surface speed. The operator, with the use of hook, lifts the end of a pipe from the molten zinc and places it on the lower side of the rotating first roll, at which time magnetic holding force of the roll firmly grips the pipe and propels it on and up the line of Rolls.

Typical Applications
Magnetic Rolls are commonly used in direct contact with steel sheets and tubing. Their firm magnetic grip helps ensure that when the roll turns, the steel moves..
These Permanent Magnetic Rolls are used in the Pipe Galvanizing process to remove steel pipe (and other steel shapes) from tank filled with molten zinc.

Available as per customers’ specification.
Magnetic Rolls available with flat or contoured faces.
Magnetic Rolls available from ½ inch to 6 inch diameter pipes.
Magnetic Rolls unit available for single extraction and double extraction pipes.
Magnetic Rolls Features
Magnetic Rolls Features
Safer operation.
Increase efficiency.
Production increased.