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Magnetic Pulleys

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Slag, Minerals, Wood Chips, Glass, Sand, Shredder Residues, Municipal Waste
Magnetic PulleysMagnetic Pulleys are positioned at the "head" of belt conveyors to extract metal contamination from the product on the belt. As the Magnetic Pulley rotates, it holds the tramp metal while clean product is discharged..

Finally as the belt leaves the magnetic pulley, the magnetism dissipates and the unwanted contamination falls from under the belt into a separate receptacle. This type of magnet acts as secondary protection for deeply embedded metal in the product, which may have not been initially extracted by an overhead suspension magnet. Buyers can purchase precision-engineered Permanent Magnetic Head Pulleys from us. We provide are enlisted amid the leading Drum Pulleys Suppliers and make available the finest Permanent Magnetic Head Pulleys. All our Permanent Magnetic Head Pulleys and Drum Pulleys are reasonably priced.


Easily installed.
Self-cleaning action.
Continuous, permanent and power free.
Available with Ferrite Magnets and High Intensity Rare Earth Magnets
Manufactured 200mm diameter to 600mm diameter and width up to 1600mm
End shafts as per customers specification
All stainless steel construction
Jupiter Magnetic Pulleys