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Circular Lifting Magnets

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Circular Lifting MagnetsOur expertise lies in making available the precision-engineered range of Circular Lifting Magnets. We are counted amid the famed Circular Magnetic Lifter Suppliers. Jupiter CLM series magnets are offered in fabricated cases, with coils and terminals sealed and protected to ensure watertight construction and low maintenance costs. Sizes of Circular Lifting Magnets range from 530mm to 1525mm in diameter to suit all crane sizes and models. Circular Lifting Magnets are designed for cool operation and minimum reduction in lift capacity, to provide maximum lift performance throughout the working day. Additionally, Circular Lifting Magnets can be purchased at competitive prices from us..

Cases are constructed of high-permeability, low carbon steel for minimum magnetic leakage and maximum lifting efficiency. Bottom plates are heavy manganese steel. Class H insulation is used throughout the magnets for extended life.

Walker "W" series fabricated magnets can be custom designed for any special application and size requirements.

60% Duty Cycle
Maximum lift performance through the working day
Class H insulation utilized for layer-to-layer, turn-to-turn, coil-to-case insulation
Low maintenance costs
Alloy steel chains for greater life and maximum durability
Dual Voltage models available
Customs available in fabricated styles